Yes! Unicorns Are In The Bible!

Are Unicorns In The Bible A Mythical Animal Or Something Else?

The bible does mention unicorns 8 times but if the Bible is really scientifically and historically accurate, then why would it mention a mythical animal?¬†Creation Scientists have answered this question before, but they said they weren’t certain what a unicorn was. Instead they said things like, “Probably it’s a dinosaur”

So what is the real answer? There are many who make fun of the bible who say it is all fantasy and they use unicorns as one example. Clearly they have not done the research and study on the subject. This video goes into an in depth bible study on the word unicorns mentioned in the scriptures. This study is very interesting and once again proves the validity of the bible.

I disagree with the end of video where the author says there is a mistake in the old King James bible, there is simply a difference in the translations.

Watch this interesting video and learn something new about God’s word today. Enjoy!