Vehicle Bursts Into Flames But Bible Was Untouched

Miraculous Bible Sign-Did This Couple Have Divine Protection?

It hardly seems coincidental that the whole inside of this SUV was engulfed in flames and the bible was not burned.

Divine intervention is a term for a miracle caused by a deity‘s supposed active involvement in the human world. One might say or think that an angel was riding in the car with Timothy and his wife that day.

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Fox News Insider reported that after an Alabama family’s car was engulfed by flames, the only thing to survive the fire was their Bible.

Timothy Collier and his wife were driving in Mobile on Thursday when a fellow driver noticed flames coming from underneath their vehicle.

The driver managed to flag the couple down and warn them.

Collier said that he and his wife pulled over and got out just before the SUV burst into flames.

He said that the inside of the vehicle is unrecognizable – the steering wheel is gone, the seats are burned to the metal and there’s no trace of a hood remaining – but miraculously their Bible was untouched.

Collier said he truly believes that there was a greater power watching over him and his wife that day.

“The only thing didn’t burn was a Bible that I had,” Collier told WALA-TV. “God will make a way somehow.”