Unbelievable “Hidden” Truths In The Bible.

“Hidden” Truths In The Bible – Impossible Not To Believe

This is an 8 minute STAND_ALONE film. It deals with several unbelievable “hidden” truths in the Bible. As a matter of fact these truths are in the very first verse. They have been there for over 3,000 years! Watch the film until the end…the suprises continue until the last moment! This is a portion of the 70 minute Documentary from Ichthus Films – “THE SCIENTIFIC UNKNOWALBES OF THE BIBLE” – The full-length film is of much higher quality and contains MUCH MUCH more information. I hope you enjoy this segment. This video clip is copryrighted by ICHTHUS Films. https://youtu.be/ZV0hUldrYp4 In adding to the hidden truths in the bible presented in this film, here is some additional information on the number 7. The primary utilization of the number 7 in the Bible identifies with the creation week in Genesis 1. God burns through six days making the sky and the earth, and after that lays on the seventh day. This is our format for the seven-day week, saw the world over right up ’til the present time. The seventh day was to be “set apart” for Israel; the Sabbath was a sacred day of rest (Deuteronomy 5:12). Hence, comfortable begin of the Bible, the number 7 is related to something being “done” or “finish.” From then on, that affiliation proceeds, as 7 is regularly found in settings including culmination or celestial flawlessness. So we see the charge for creatures to be no less than seven days old before being utilized for give up (Exodus 22:30), the order for infected Naaman to bathe in the Jordan River seven circumstances to impact finish purifying (2 Kings 5:10), and the summon for Joshua to walk around Jericho for seven days (and on the seventh day to make seven circuits) and for seven clerics blow seven trumpets outside the city dividers (Joshua 6:3–4). In these cases, 7 means a consummation or some likeness thereof: a heavenly command is satisfied. “Hidden” truths in the bible are simply amazing! Strangely, man was made on the 6th day of creation. In a few entries of the Bible, the number 6 is related with humankind. In Revelation “the quantity of the brute” is called “the quantity of a man. That number is 666” (Revelation 13:18). On the off chance that God’s number is 7, then man’s is 6. Six dependably misses the mark concerning seven, much the same as “all have trespassed and miss the mark regarding the magnificence of God” (Romans 3:23). Man is not God, similarly as 6 is not 7. Arrangement of seven things manifest frequently in the Bible. For instance, we discover seven sets of each spotless creature on the ark (Genesis 7:2); seven stems on the sanctuary’s lampstand (Exodus 25:37); seven characteristics of the Messiah in Isaiah 11:2; seven signs in John’s Gospel; seven things the Lord detests in Proverbs 6:16; seven illustrations in Matthew 13; and seven misfortunes in Matthew 23. Products of 7 additionally consider along with the scriptural account: the “seventy weeks” prediction in Daniel 9:24 concerns 490 years (7 times 7 times 10). Jeremiah 29:10 anticipated the Babylonian Captivity would keep going for a long time (7 times 10). As per Leviticus 25:8, the Year of Jubilee was to start after the death of each forty-ninth year (7 times 7). Once in a while, the imagery of 7 is an extraordinary solace to us: Jesus is the seven-crease “I AM” in the Gospel of John. Different circumstances, it moves us: Jesus advised Peter to pardon a transgressor “seventy circumstances seven” times (Matthew 18:22, NKJV). And after that there are entries in which the number 7 is related with God’s judgment: the seven dishes of the Great Tribulation, for instance (Revelation 16:1), or God’s notice to Israel in Leviticus 26:18. Talking about the book of Revelation, the number 7 is utilized there more than fifty circumstances in an assortment of settings: there are seven letters to seven holy places in Asia and seven spirits before God’s position of authority (Revelation 1:4), seven brilliant lampstands (1:12), seven stars in Christ’s correct hand (1:16), seven seals of God’s judgment (5:1), seven holy messengers with seven trumpets (8:2), and so on. Probably, the number 7 again speaks to culmination or totality: the seven temples speak to the fulfillment of the collection of Christ, the seven seals on the parchment speak to the fulness of God’s discipline of a wicked earth, et cetera. What’s more, obviously, the book of Revelation itself, with all its 7’s, is the capstone of God’s Word to man. With the book of Revelation, the Word was finished (Revelation 22:18). On the whole, the number 7 is utilized as a part of the Bible more than seven hundred circumstances. On the off chance that we additionally tally the words identified with seven (terms like sevenfold or seventy or seven hundred), the tally is still higher. Obviously, not each occurrence of the number 7 in the Bible conveys a more profound importance. Infrequently, a 7 is only a 7, and we should be mindful about connecting typical implications to any content, particularly when Scripture is not unequivocal about such implications. Be that as it may, there are times when it appears that God is conveying divine culmination, flawlessness, and wholeness by method for the number 7. Suggested Resource: Bible Answers for Almost every one of Your Questions by Elmer Towns

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