The Top 5 Children’s Bible Stories Kids Love

Children’s Bible Stories Spark A Child’s Imagination And Interest

One of the best ways to get children to grow a deep interest in God and Bible Study is to help them fall in love with God’s word. Children’s Bible Stories is one of the best ways to do this. The Bible is filled with educational and valuable stories that not only teach children all about God, His word, and His love, but captivate the imagination as well! Using these stories can help children to foster a deep appreciation and affinity for the Bible at a young age, making them more apt to live Godly lives and study the Bible with enthusiasm as they get older! Our top 5 Children’s Bible Stories are:

Noah’s Ark – The story of Noah and the Ark is one of the single most popular Children’s Bible Stories there is! Proof can be seen simply walking through a baby or young children’s store, and seeing the Ark toys, Ark bedding, and Ark accessories so popular with children and parents alike. The story of Noah’s ark teaches children excellent lessons about life and God, while still being filled with adventure.

Children's Bible Stories
Noah’s Ark

David and Goliath – The story of David and Goliath teaches children a lesson that they can take with them through their entire lives. Even when odds look their bleakest, having God in your corner will give you the strength to persevere and succeed. With plenty of adventure suspense, children are kept captivated while learning important lessons.

The birth of Moses – The birth of Moses is the beginning of the life of Moses, and this is the story of one of God’s most important instruments. For children, learning of Moses’ birth can help him to be a more relatable figure, as they use the story to see themselves as instruments of God as well.

The birth of Jesus – Commonly told around Christmastime, the birth of Jesus is one of the most special stories of the bible. Children typically relate this tale to a favorite time of year, naturally instilling in them feelings of excitement and love when they hear it recounted. If you are planning to set up a play with a child Bible study group, this is a very popular choice of story to act out!

Children's Bible Stories
The birth of Jesus

Resurrection of Jesus ChristThe Resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the most important and inspiring tales in the Bible, and it’s one that can really show children the importance of Jesus and His sacrifice for us. The Resurrection story also shows how meaningful it is to follow in Christ, and can impact children in a way that teaches them early on what Jesus can bring into your life.

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