The Surprising Key To Understanding The bible.

Short 2 Minute Video Reveals The Key To Understanding The Bible.

Many people have a hard time understanding the Bible, especially new Christians, but it is not difficult if you will ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and give you that understanding. You must be a born again Christian of course in order for the Holy Spirit to work in your life. When you accept Jesus Christ as your savior, at that very moment the Holy Spirit comes to live inside you.

Listen to this short, eye opening video to discover how understanding the bible becomes much easier.

Text from the book transcription of this part:
“When I read this verse I think of a little antidote that I read years and years ago and I’m sure most of you have also heard it or read it of the young lady who was attending a university, and while there someone gave her a book to read, and she tried several times to get interested in it and never could. She would read the first chapter or two and put it back on the shelf, and finally forgot about the book. But by the time she was a senior at the university she had fallen in love with one of her professors, and it turned out he was the author of this book she could never get interested in. Then all of a sudden she couldn’t devour the book fast enough and her roommate who had been with her all through school said, “Well what in the world? I thought that was the book you could never get interested in?” She said, “it is.” Her room mate said, “well why are you interested in it now?” “Because” the young lady said “I’ve fallen in love with the author!”

Well you see that’s the secret, when you in fall in love with Christ you cannot exhaust this Book. You’ll just keep seeing new things pop up all the time, and you think, now why didn’t I see this before? Well it’s just like God told Israel when they could have gone into the land of milk and honey. He said, “I won’t drive them all out at once, I’ll drive the Canaanites out just fast enough that you can absorb and you can take over the land. Well that’s the way He does us with the Scriptures. See, He doesn’t unload it all on us at once. Even right now I could go for another 1/2 hour showing you verses that I never saw until maybe the last year or so, and I know there’s going to be more verses coming.”

Credited to: Les Feldick Ministries