Some Of The Best Bible Commentaries

[UltraVid id=3 ]hey pastor Steve Waldron here today I want to share with you some of the best Bible commentaries that you can get now these are not highly technical commentaries these or commentary to just give great stuff great information and that really art for understanding Scripture the way it’s written some people might go extremely beat in two different things these will just give a lot of history a lot of cultural factors a lot of word studies and a lot of just the plain meaning of Scripture so the first would be Barnes notes I would highly recommend Barnes notes yes it is David yes it is from a few years ago but i would highly recommend from 1800s late eighteen hundreds but the information he’s got from archaeology in history is the limb numis it is fantastic secondly is jamison faucet brown now don’t get the abridged version it doesn’t cost very much go ahead and get the unabridged version you can usually pick them up for like twenty nine ninety five dime going to give you some more modern ones here one is jay vernon mcgee and you may have heard him on the you know jaber to maggie has still after he’s passed away a radio presence he was a pastor in atlanta georgia and then in los angeles california and he just gave good basic expositions he would get a lot of information and then a lot of application as well it’s a five-volume set known as through the Bible with Jay verdun McGee next would be John Phillips John Phillips first of all his outlines are all alliterate ‘add fantastic in that but the information and insights he gives the scripture are absolutely awesome so John Phillips he might rank that means put out by moody press right up towards the top I mean he may be just at the top fan information John Philip she just really can’t beat him then the expository series the b-series by warren weir speak through the Bible radio Warren weirdly has incredible information that as you read Warren where’s be again he has fantastic background information very plain sense of Scripture and then the things I mean just wonderful insights and putting scripture together so Warren where’s me fantastic I usually tell people if they just want basic Bible commentaries get jamie mcgee and warren where’s be next the 23 volume pulpit commentary man it’s got information coming out in tears it’s into the hundreds of dollars it’s huge but it’s worth it’s like you know sometimes you get it CBD for 1 99 99 but it’s just a complete bible commentary next would be the biblical illustrator which is in some ways very similar to the pulpit commentary it’s just going to have tremendous things under every verse of scripture and there’s I know some biblical guys that they say that is a number one get the biblical illustrator and then the commentary series by john macarthur now it’s not made so much on the king james version of the bible but you can he gives so much background information to good blend the different types of information that I I think it’s well worth getting have to look overlook some of those doctor or biases as you will in all these eat the food spit out the sticks of some of the best Bible commentaries god bless you