Religious Leaders Rush To Trump’s Defense


After Pope Francis’ Comments, Trump Gains Supporters.

Religious pioneers voiced backing for Donald Trump after Pope Francis inferred that the Republican presidential applicant is “not a Christian.”

Freedom University president Jerry Falwell Jr., who is the child of the late TV minister Jerry Falwell, told CNN that “the pope is mixed up … I do trust Donald T. is a Christian.” He included that “JFK would be moving over in his grave right at this point.”

Rev. Franklin Graham, the child of Evangelist pastor Billy Graham, additionally protected Trump.

“My recommendation to the pontiff: Reach out and manufacture an extension to the presidential candidate,” he said on Facebook. “Who knows where he might be this time one year from now!”

Both Graham and Falwell have embraced Trump for president.

In any case, it’s not simply evangelists who have Trump’s back. Catholic League President Bill Donohue protected the previous unscripted television star and blamed the media for bending Pope Francis’ words.

“The pope was set up by the journalist,” he said. “He’s been misled about what Trump has said.”

Pope Francis said on Thursday that “a man who just ponders making dividers over and over and not making extensions, is not a Christian.” Trump has been frank about his perspectives on undocumented settlers, vowing to fabricate a divider on the Mexican fringe and by one means or another make Mexico pay for it.

Donohue didn’t differ with the pope’s remarks, however said that they didn’t have any significant bearing to Trump since his arrangements stretch out a long ways past a divider. The Republican presidential leader has additionally pledged to extradite 11 million individuals, including folks and their youngsters – something we think the pope would likewise not underwrite.

At a rally in Philadelphia a year ago, Pope Francis focused on the significance of “safeguarding the reason for poor people and the outsider.” Addressing a horde of more than 20,000 foreigners, he likewise said that:

“You ought to never be embarrassed about your conventions. Bear in mind the lessons you gained from your older folks, which are something you can bring to improve the life of this American area.”


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