Priceless Photo Of Little Girls Napping-God’s Love

God’s Love Has No Concepts Or Concerns Over Skin Color

It was the end of rest time at Presbyterian Day School in Clarksdale, Mississippi and something exceptionally charming was caught right when the lights were turned on. A true picture of God’s Love.

An African American young lady and a Caucasian young lady were seen holding every others hands while they had been resting. The instructor couldnt oppose to snap a photograph of the hand-holding young ladies.

Everybody at the school began to look all starry eyed at the lovable photograph, and they wound up posting it on their Facebook page. As an inscription they composed the accompanying:

Cherished, let us adore each other, for affection is from God, and whoever cherishes has been conceived of God and knows God. 1 John 4:7

It just took hours for this extraordinary photograph to hit viral status. All around the U.S., individuals started to remark on the excellent catch.

This fair goes to show us partiality is an educated conduct, its not conceived inside us. I supplication to God these infants stay companions forever. commented Kristen Carnegie on Facebook.

Beyond just the cuteness of two little girls napping and hand holding, it also serves as a reminder of how young children dont have concepts or concerns over skin color. There is no division present, it is only when society ingrains these notions within them that the separation begins. The photo turned out to serve as a strong lesson for us all. It demonstrates God’s love.

And no doubt this will be a photo these two girls will cherish greatly when they get older!

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