Photo Captures Spirit Image In Fatal Accident

Spirit Image Is Clearly Seen In This Incredible Photograph.

Some take this image to be a literal spirit image. There are many different opinions.

At the point when individuals experience tragedies, either in their own particular lives or the lives of others, they are often in shock and then try to sort it all out.

Numerous individuals think a Kentucky man caught a powerful shot when he took a photo of a deadly crash.

Saul Vazquez said his dad snapped a picture of the scene as he went by it Tuesday evening from the taxi of his truck.

The photograph seems to demonstrate the weak diagram of a figure floating over the unfortunate scene. The man in the bike crash later died at the hospital.

He posted the pic on Facebook a few minutes later, and many comments suggested the photo captures the dead man’s spirit leaving his body.
What does the Bible say about our spirit leaving the body when we die?  Jesus uses the word “spirit” in a more specific sense then we use the word today. I don’t think Jesus used “spirit” as a synonym for “soul”. He appears to use it to refer to a specific category of being — the Holy Spirit, angels and demons.
In light of how Jesus uses the term spirit, it is quite possible that the image in this photo could be an a Angel instead of the man’s spirit. After all he was not dead yet.
Of course another possibility is a natural explanation such as a reflection or double exposure. You can decide for yourself.
Vazquez didn’t immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment but told CNN affiliate WLEX the photo wasn’t altered.

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