My Bible Study Routine | Quiet Time with God

[UltraVid id=16 ][Music] hey lovelies I’m Lisa and welcome to lovely channel so today I have a different video I haven’t done one of my space videos in a really long time but I’m so excited to be doing one today because I have been wanting to do one of these and that is a quiet time slash Bible study routine I have done a couple videos when where I talked about Bible study tips and one that was about how to grow closer in your relationship with Jesus so of course I talked about Bible study and those but I really want to share what I’ve been doing lately in my own Bible study sort of quiet time so I try to do this little routine every day so that means that let me go ahead and share what I like to do the first thing of course is I like to grab my Bible and my Bible I’ve shared this before but this is the ESV Study Bible by a cross way I really really like this Bible I’ve had it for maybe two years or actually probably a little bit less than that I would say it’s a newer Bible to me but I’ve really been enjoying it I like other translations as well and I will sometimes use other translations when I’m studying I really like the new King James I love NLT NASB there’s quite a few but those are probably the ones I use the most along with my ESV I also have my planner with me this is my happy planner I actually did a unboxing of this but I love being able to write down my study notes or does anything that God is showing me maybe it’s a verse or just things that I’m learning also I’ll write a sermon notes in here too whenever we’re at church and I love doing that because I bring this with me everywhere so if I have ever a need to remember something that I was learning or I’m trying to remember a verse that stuck out to me or if I’m talking with someone at church we do serve and we talk with new believers and those that are rededicating their lives so this comes in handy if there is something like oh I remembered reading that the other day where was it I can go to my notes right and be able to look it up really quickly I also keep a prayer list in here so I can be praying for people if I’m out or I can write a prayer request down that somebody gives me so once I have those and a pen I like to find a spot where I can just sit down by myself and kind of have peace and quiet one thing I like to do sometimes is actually turn Pandora on my phone to a Christian radio station sometimes I like to listen to worship music other times I listen to this one that’s be still radio and it’s basically just instrumental hymns mostly which I really like listening to that too sometimes having some light music on in the background helps me to concentrate better rather than just complete silence so if you have trouble studying in complete silence that might be a little tip for you to help you out and then I like to start with prayer I think this is so important just to first of all thank God for the day and for this time that I get to study with him thank him for anything else that he’s doing in my life or that he has done and just really praise him this is a time where I’m basically able to put him first and I kind of put my priorities straight and even just in my mind and in my heart realizing that he is the most important and that my trust is in the Lord and I also just asked him to open my heart and be willing to hear whatever he has to say and that he would show me something in my study time with him do you ever open the Bible and you feel like you’re not able to concentrate or you’re not able to understand what you’re reading or you just like you’re not getting anything from it a question is did you pray and ask God to show you something as you ask him to give you understanding and to open your heart because that makes such a big difference when we ready our hearts and ask him to do that after I say that usually pretty quick prayer and I like to open my Bible and lately I have been studying 2nd Samuel so today I was in 2nd Samuel 18 so I opened that up I usually try to read a whole chapter sometimes I’ll do more than that sometimes I’ll do less than that it really just depends on what I feel like God is speaking to me sometimes I feel like he has a lot to say so I don’t do as much or I feel like he’s saying a lot and I just want to keep going it really just depends on the day every day is different for me I mean God is always showing you something new like I said sometimes it’s a ton of stuff at once and sometimes it’s one little thing but I usually try to read one chapter just because that really helps key to understand what I’m reading in context and just to keep progressing along so that I can get further and further into the scripture as I’m reading I first try to kind of just read through the text and then I will go through there’s any parts that I kind of want to know more about I will use my commentary since I do have a Study Bible and I also like to use the cross reference which some Bibles have as some Bible don’t but it’s usually in the middle here or sometimes I think it’ll be down here where the commentary and mine is but it basically cross-references different verses that you’re reading and where other parts of the Bible talk about them or talk about something that was in that scripture so if that can be really interesting you use sometimes sometimes it can be really helpful for getting more context or one really cool thing is when you’re reading first in 2nd Samuel and when you’re reading about the life of David which is kind of what I’m doing right now there are some Psalms that correlate with what is happening so not only do you get to see what is happening in David’s life and the story but then there will be a psalm that correlates with that specific story and you get to see David’s heart and what he wrote what he was going through or his prayer to God during that time so for me that’s just been something I’ve been loving lately as I’m studying because I feel like it just bring so much more light out of the scripture and understanding and then as I’m reading I do like to take notes and stuff sometimes I will write a verse that stands out to me like for this one this was from a couple days ago I wrote Psalm 51 10 through 12 I try to make it all pretty and did some doodles and stuff as long as my notes from the scripture and then today I just had notes but I was writing so you can see right there and I kind of try to break it down by different parts of that chapter I’m reading like this bullet point was verses 1 through 8 so I kind of summarized what was going on in those verses just so I can remember them and something that I can reference after I’m done studying and taking notes and everything this is the point where I like to turn to my prayer list so at the start of each week I write a new pair list out and sometimes I transfer prayers from the previous week on to my new prayer list but I just have names written down and certain things that people have asked me to pray for certain requests in my own life and in my husband’s life so I just create a list and these are the things and the people that I pray for specifically and I can add more to this throughout the week as I talk with people or God puts people or things on my heart to pray for and something I’ve been loving doing I like I said I’ve been doing this for a few months now and it is open my eyes to how much God answers our prayers do you have a hard time being consistent in your prayer life or feeling like gods not answering your prayers or he doesn’t hear you I really encourage you to write a prayer list and try to be disciplined habits that time every day have a timer or an alarm that goes off on your phone every day that reminds you to take that little bit of time in prayer you know look at your prayer list and pray for those people and pray for this thing and since you have those written down as God answers them you’ll see oh hey God in through that I’ve been praying for that and what I like to do is actually write those answered prayers down on this prayer list on the back of it that way I have a reminder to see that God does answer prayers and it also shows me the people and the things I need to keep praying for because those prayers haven’t been answered yet but that’s just been a huge blessing in my life lately seeing how God answers those prayers and just really getting that excitement and that joy from that and having hope for the other requests that I’m praying for after I’m done going through that prayer list that is the end of my Bible time or my Bible study slash quiet time I hope you all enjoyed this video if you did please give us a thumbs up and let me know in the comments below what you do for your Bible study slash quiet time routine I would love to hear your tips your suggestions what works for you what you’ve been loving if there’s any specific Bible studies even doing I’m really curious to know so if we could just all be encouraging and help each other as women of God to grow in our relationships with him whether you just became a Christian or you’ve been a believer for years and I just want this to be a place whenever I post these fake videos and as my channel channel in general I want this to be a place where we can just lift each other up support each other build each other up in the body of Christ and I love you all so much remember to do everything in love because you are lovely bye