Museum Of The Bible Opens In Washington D.C. | NBC Nightly News

[UltraVid id=36 ]21st century technology draws people to stories more than three thousand years old see the most shared verse in South Korea right now Psalms 27 the privately funded Museum of the Bible led by some of the nation’s most prominent evangelicals and founded by the hobby lobby’s green family do you want this museum to be the Christian version of the Smithsonian it’s not about a faith tradition dominating the denomination or a church it’s about a book here’s a book that’s changed our world museum president Cary summers mixes the traditional and the trendy from 13 fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls the oldest copies of biblical tacks to Elvis’s Bible he underlines some texts and makes notes to a recreation of the Nazareth Jesus walked could we make the Bible really cool and so that’s what were about but some are suspicious of its promise not to proselytize it’s a private museum it’s not a public museum and yet it aspires to be a kind of public face of Christianity I think in the United States we’ve said our own what I call fence post certain limits that we don’t cross and we just invite visitors to come and decide if we’ve done that then there are the artifacts acquired by the Greenes this summer Hobby Lobby paid a three million dollar fine for illegally imported ancient tablets Ken’s scholars trust the artifacts that are in this museum well they can look they can ask the other scholars that are a part of helping us put this museum together a test of faith for visitors and the museum Ann Thompson NBC News Washington hey NBC News fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching