Meet Smoothie, The Worlds Most Photogenic Cat


No Doubt- God’s Amazing Creatures-Worlds Most Photogenic Cat

Sort the words “smoothie” and “feline” into Google and you’re certain to locate some really horrendous results. Be that as it may, while a feline smoothie won’t not be to everyone’s tastes, we would all be able to discover something to like about this wonderful British Longhair named Smoothie.

As should be obvious from these photos, Smoothie knows how to posture for the camera. On the other hand, it’s quite simple for her. All things considered, while the vast majority of us have a best point, EVERY edge is Smoothie’s best edge! With 100k adherents and numbering, Smoothie is the feline that Instagram was made for, so head on over to her prevalent page and go along with her army of admirers. As it says on her site, “Some of the time you simply require a Smoothie in your life”. We couldn’t concur more. Just check out the Worlds Most Photogenic Cat:

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