Major ISIS Leader Realizes Violence IS Not The Path To Peace

A Jihadist Teacher (sheik) For ISIS Converts To Christianity


A major ISIS leader, who was teaching terrorists on Islamic jihad and violence was  involved in killing Christians. It must have been the Holy Spirit that got a hold of him when he became severely depressed. While in his duress he asked a taxi driver  for a Bible. The driver said  knew a Christian who would  provide a Bible for him. After receiving the bible and careful examination of the Scripture, the ISIS leader rejected Islam and accepted Christ. This story came from the Voice of the Martyrs which received the story from a trusted Christian source in the Middle East. According to the report:


As Islamic State fighters continue to slaughter and behead Christians and others, some of its members are reportedly having encounters with Christ.

A Middle East missionary named “Julian” says a sheik who served as a jihadist teacher for ISIS has turned to the Bible because he became “sick of the killing.”

The story of that Saudi sheik is the latest of several reports about jihadists either converting to Christianity, or desiring to learn more about the faith.

A growing number of former Muslims around the world report coming to Christ after having a dream or vision of Jesus. ISIS members are no exception.

For instance, Julian told of an ISIS fighter who had a vision of the cross, and then stumbled onto a Christian website. That terrorist later became a believer after meeting a Christian in Turkey.

You can read this entire report here. CBN News