How To Memorize Any Bible Scripture Verse In Less Than Five Minutes (Video Tutorial)

My brothers and sisters today I’d like to talk to you about how to memorize any Bible verse in less than five minutes Lord willing so I highly recommend an app entitled scripture typer if you don’t already have it you can go to your Play Store or your App Store and search the search for a scripture typer should be the first result and then you click on it hit install if you haven’t already done so and then once that’s finished you just click open so this is the main screen you have my verses review stats and settings so we’re going to hit my vs. you’ll hit the top the three dots in the top right corner and click on new verse you will stay in proverbs but you can choose any verse from any book in the Bible you can choose multiple verses but today we’re going to do one verse from chapter 16 and let’s do verse 16 I promise I haven’t done this beforehand have not memorized this beforehand so and the Bible version that I usually use is the New International Version but that can be changed as well they have several other versions of the translations and you can also categorize all your verses to keep them organized this is a proverb so I’ll put it in the proverbs category you know uncheck on categories then next you hit import text it’ll let you know that you should proofread the text before you memorize it just to make sure there’s no errors I have yet to see any errors but that’s always you know good to double-check if you have a Bible on hand so you’ll import the first text it will appear right below and that’s the text we’ll be working with today after everything checks out you’ll hit save and then you just locate the verse wherever it’s at proverbs 16 16 so it’s a three step process basically first you’ll type it then you’ll memorize it and then you’ll master it you type it the verse is in gray you’ll type the first letter of each word and then the word will become black as you’ll see in a moment then you’ll go to memorize it the second step it’ll take away half the words which i think is pretty ingenious and then you’re essentially just filling in the blanks and then if you hit memorize again it’ll show you the other words that weren’t visible the first time and finally you hit master the third step is master it and that you’re just typing the verse completely from memory without any type of aid so I highly recommend a method that I like to call it a three by three method or the Trinity of Trinity’s method if you will if that doesn’t sound too heretical so basically you just do each step each three steps each of the three steps three times each at least so first we’ll do type it how much better to get wisdom than gold to get insight rather than silver proverbs 16 16 do that one more time how much better to get wisdom than gold to get inside rather than silver proverbs 16 16 and once on for the Holy Ghost how much better to get wisdom than gold to get inside rather than silver proverbs 16 16 now I highly recommend that you recite the verse as you type it because it just really allows you to interact with the text in several different ways if you think about it you’re looking at the text you’re reciting the text you’re typing it and you’re also listening to yourself recite the text so it’s a lot of studying a lot of training going on simultaneously which is what makes this method in this app such a beautiful thing so the next step is memorizing it so let’s see if I can remember how much better to get wisdom rather than then gold to get inside rather than silver okay so we get something wrong to let you know proverbs 16 16 and then you’ll have a little red marks it’ll let you know what you got wrong the previous time so you know your problem areas are it can help you you know work on those earrings sometimes certain verses little tricky you know with the prepositions and stuff that usually gets me so so now going to see the opposite letter so how are opposite words how much better to get so to get wisdom then gold to get insight rather than silver okay proverbs 16 16 and one more time how much better to get wisdom than gold to get insight rather than silver okay proverbs 16 16 now by the time you get to master it the third verse or the verse the third steps excuse me of the 3×3 method you should be able to hear your own voice in your head because you’ve been saying it so many times in such a short period of time so let’s see if we can get this how much better to get wisdom than gold to get soap to get insight rather than silver proverbs 616 okay let’s do it again how much better to get wisdom than gold to get insight rather than silver proverbs 16:16 and on the last step I like to get this three times 100% correctly because I like to practice getting it right more than I practice getting it wrong that that makes sense I believe someone once said you want to do something until you not just until you get it right but until you can’t get it wrong so you’re probably get it wrong you know in the future but at least initially when you’re first learning the verse you want to do it until you have it you know stone cold so I would recommend three times a 100 percent so what was it again how how much better how much better to get wisdom area I forgot Austin’s talking too much how much better to get wisdom than gold to get insight rather than silver proverbs 16 16 okay how much better to get wisdom than gold to get insight rather then silver proverbs 16 16 okay so that’s two hundred percents let’s do one more how much better to get wisdom than gold to get summer no you know I’ll try again how much better to get wisdom than gold to get insight rather than silver and proverbs 16 16 all right so that verse should be pretty engrained in your head but it doesn’t stop there so you always better keep reviewing these verses but the beautiful thing about this app is that it will adjust your review frequency based on how accurate your last review was so if you go to settings which I can review in a different video you’ll be able to you know change the threshold of whether or not you can progress in your review frequency so if I’m going to click on this right now if it review daily so I do this tomorrow this verse tomorrow if I get it for me if I get it at least 96 percent or above it’ll advance the review frequency that means it will go to every two days and then every three days every four days and so on and so forth you can see how it progresses to you’re doing it you know once a year once you have a verse in that you know really well and then if you go to back to the main page on the review you can see that proverbs 16 16 is now down here to do it in you know 24 hours but I also had to do these other verses that are sneaking up on me in a couple hours and then this helps to keep the verses fresh in your head but it’s not like you know it becomes too overbearing because if you’re good at it and you keep you know working diligently you will advance you know the review frequencies of all these verses so they get you know as you you know learn new versus the older verses are getting more and more locked into memory and you view them less and less so um this is an amazing and awesome app I highly recommend it it is not an overstatement this app really changed my life like literally changed how I really interacted with the text and really changed my whole outlook as I got deeper and deeper into the text and you know they develop that thirst for knowledge and you know there’s plenty of people that have been doing this for longer than I have doing have done it and you know they had know a lot more scripture than I do but it just takes one day to get started and just make it part of your daily routine and there’s been times when I haven’t done you know there’s been some some periods if you go to your stats it tracks everything for you so I’ve been doing it since last March but not every day as you’ll see it’ll tell you what the days you skipped and everything so but if you skip some days and you have a whole bunch of scripture to catch up on you know that’s something you got to be aware of too but yeah I would just you know I just want to encourage you to just to get started you know get one verse today one verse tomorrow another verse today after that and you know a year from now you can have you know hundreds of verses that you that you memorized and that’s just a beautiful thing so so what I encourage you if you have any questions please let me know thanks for for watching the video and please check out the website catch for Christ’s net and I pray that God blesses you all.