Great Advise For Making Bible Study Fun

Encourage Teens To Engage In Daily Bible Study.

Must Watch Video On Bible Study

When it comes to encouraging young people to read the bible, it’s a lot easier to lead from the front than to push from the back. When adult role models do regular personal Bible study, teenagers can much more easily develop a life long habit themselves.

Having said that, even in churches and families with good adult role models, teens can often be confused about personal Bible study. Ask them to list their favorite activities, and personal Bible reading is rarely one of them. But ask what will help in their Christian life, and studying God’s word will almost certainly come top.

Teens need to know that Bible study teaches them how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It will give them a knowledge of how much God loves them.

Young people often have the best intentions when it comes to reading God’s word—but never quite get round to it. It really helps them to identify a pattern they can stick to. Encourage them to work out exactly when they’re going to read God’s word each day. Be realistic—better that a teenager reads their Bible four times a week for the rest of their life, than aims for seven, manages four, becomes demoralised and gives up.

The Bible is such a stimulating, joyful, exquisite mind-and-soul-expanding gift that It would quite simply be mad not to soak yourself in it each day.

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