Forgiving Yourself Is Just As Important As Forgiving Others

Forgiving Ourselves Is A Must For All Christians.

Forgiving others is undoubtedly important. The idea is laid out time and time again throughout the Bible. We are to strive for the same forgiveness that God has gifted to us when others trespass against us. This will free ourselves from the anger and the frustration we harbor when we can’t bring ourselves to forgive. While this idea is explained frequently in the Bible, the idea of forgiving ourselves is not, specifically, but this doesn’t mean it’s any less important.

The most important Biblical idea that you can remember regarding self-forgiveness is that God has forgiven you already. While you can choose to wallow in the guilt of your sin even knowing that God has forgiven it, God also wants you to free yourself of this inner chain tying you to the sin in the first place. Growth, love, and faith cannot prosper while you’re stuck feeling like you can never overcome your wrong, and these three ideals are far more important to God than continuing to focus on a sin that has already been forgiven.

Forgiving yourself

When you forgive yourself, you can continue to live a life as God intended. You’ll be able to learn from your sin, and grow in your faith, leading you down a path of righteousness fit for a person who was made in His image. Focusing on the guilt of sin can bring you to a place of hopelessness causing you to lose your faith and sin again, creating a vicious cycle of sin and regret that seems never ending as you feel worse and worse about yourself.

To live a Christian life is to live a life of forgiveness, and this means learning to forgive yourself just as much as it means to forgive others. When you grant yourself the gift of forgiveness, the gift that God has already given to you, you become closer to God and stronger in your own faith.

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