EXCLUSIVE! Peace And Restoration In Christ

There Is Still Hope For Peace & Restoration In Christ!

This article is a must read if you ever feel discouraged and distanced from God.

There are times when even the most devote Christian feels like Christ has abandoned them or maybe doubt that He evens exists.

It is very easy to get distracted by the things of this world and sometimes our world just crashes from some traumatic event, but there is always hope in Christ.

Read this short article below and be encouraged today!

We all find ourselves distanced from God at times, and we may feel the heavy weight of shame, judgement, and guilt. I’m here to tell you, dear Christian, that you are not too far gone.

Maybe you know someone who is running away from God right now, and you are at a loss as how to help them. I have known the pain of both fleeing God out of shame, and feeling helpless in the face others’ suffering and rebellion.



Jesus made a point to bless His disciples with a word of peace, instead of condemning them for their unbelief. This example speaks volumes. No one has more right to rebuke, chastise, shame, and condemn the people who were His closest friends who betrayed Him when push came to shove, who doubted Him when things seemed impossible, who all but crumbled when He was crucified. And yet, when they are at their most vulnerable, instead of executing a crushing blow, Jesus shows mercy, compassion, and understanding. He grants peace in place of shame, and love in place anger. If you are reading this and you have a loved one who is wayward, let me encourage you to show them the same grace and peace that Jesus bestowed upon His disciples.

Jesus Daily 1 week ago