Biblical Guide To Weight Loss and Health

Would you eat the contents of your vacuum cleaner bag or your garbage disposal? (Biblical Guide To Weight Loss and Health)

That’s what millions of us are doing every day. What if we showed you what God’s Word really has to say about what foods YOU should eat and what foods you should avoid. Yes, God didn’t leave that out for us; He gave us clear instructions on what to eat so we can live a healthy life in this flesh body that He created!!! He gave us a clear Biblical Guide To Weight Loss and Health.

God knows the right foods that willl fuel your body to live a long and healthy life.
Learn how to never diet, (yes you read correctly, we won’t deprive you of any calories.)

Eat safe proper food, don’t go hungry, don’t skip meals, enjoy every bite and give thanks to the Lord before every meal. You can reduce your total cholesterol level by 25% in 3 weeks and your risk by 50%. without prescription medication by eating a proper diet the biblical way.
Here is another interesting fact. The Tarahumara Indians of Mexico have
been eating a certain food God told us about for the past 2000 years and have never
seen one single case of cancer!

Universities and medical schools spend little time teaching doctors how to prevent disease, you must take responsibility yourself. People need health advice and not more health care. Our society is fascinated with pills and no drug company or scientist has developed nor will ever develop a magic pill to cure you from not respecting God’s health laws.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to learn the number one Biblical Guide To Weight Loss and Health.

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