Bible Study Leader Accused Of Raping Mentally Disabled Women

In The News-A Indiana Bible Study Leader Accused Of Rape.

Thomas Cooperider  attended services at Liberty Church with his parents while in high school. Cooperider still participated in events and programs there even after his parents stopped attending. John Duey, Director of Operations for Liberty Bible Church, told the Tribune that  Cooperider holds no position of authority in the church but is a volunteer. He was a bible study leader. In my opinion, that constitutes a position in the church.

Mentally challenged women claimed Cooperider took indecent liberties against their will on the church grounds. The church had surveillance cameras and according to the Tribune what was shown on the camera’s footage matched the victims’ testimonies.

You here similar news stories such as these and you wonder why people who go to church and participate in leading a bible study could do such things.

Here’s the story:


A Valparaiso, Indiana man has been charged with two counts of rape and three counts of sexual battery after he allegedly sexually assaulted multiple mentally disabled women after leading them in Bible study.

According to the Chicago Tribune, 23-year-old Thomas Cooperider of Liberty Bible Church in Chesterton reportedly committed the acts between November 2014 and March of 2015 on church grounds.

In a May 8 interview with the Porter County Sheriff’s Department, Cooperider — who told police that he has been accepted to the law program at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University — began his statement by stating, “Everything that did happen was consensual between adults.”

However, the Times of Northwest Indiana reported that all of the women have varying degrees of mental disability, one of whom has a functioning IQ of 57.

The three women’s guardians contacted church officials, who in turn went to the police. All three of the victims say that Cooperider led them to secluded areas of the church and touched them without their permission.

If convicted, Cooperider could face up to 16 years in prison on each of the two felony rape charges and up to two years and six months on each of the three felony sexual battery charges against him.