Believers Bible Commentary Review

[UltraVid id=2 ]alright thanks for joining me for another review today we’re going to be taking a look at the believers bible commentary book i’m going to complete bible commentary all in one volume and it’s from william mcdonald and it is by art Farsad right off the bat you can see this is a huge huge book huge book I have many books in my library this probably is the largest one in a half the very large book got 2,300 and something pages to it doesn’t just shot 2,500 pages to this book you know the saying don’t judge a book by it’s cover this is one of those books obviously this not much eye candy did this cover here to this book it’s just kind of very dull doesn’t really a literally nothing on it that catches your eye what makes you want to pick it up off the shelf but Tony judges book by it’s cover this is actually one of my favorite favorite books let’s jump into it here a little bit we have the content table consoles here we got the authors preface the editors introduction we have it’s got the maps I’m going to get too excited about the maps in here not all the maps which are very many they’re all black and white the very basic math you’re not buying this book for the map or I did anyway the meat potatoes this book is definitely in the commentary itself what they talk about the comments because the commentators I mean they really put some meaningful meaningful common commentary in here some of the best commentaries i read i have many many commentary books and this is this is one of my absolute favorites as you see here we have the introduction to the Old Testament there’s not much outside of the the national common the commentary itself they didn’t put a bunch of help notes in here and whatnot you know like study Bibles another commentary books you might be some picture maps and charts you know some real pretty eye candy and the book and whatnot don’t expect that book like I said the meeting potatoes this is in the commentary itself but it is it is second to none in my book no content one of my favorite books here they have a little kind of break in the break in the in between the Testaments introduction to the Gospels here some introduction to the New Testament intensity and then you get right back into the commentary like I said you’re not going to find much outside of that each book has an introduction much like as the Study Bible you’re going to get on study Bibles you’d have they have an introduction you know unique place in the Canon authorship the background and scenes a date in your outline and you jump right into the commentary like I said that that’s what you would be buying this book for mainly is the commentary but what they wrote I mean it’s really going to blessing to me it so much of what I’ve read at his commentary book sticks with me just because it’s so deep it’s so meaningful I got to tell you this is one of one of the main books that I keep out you have those books that you keep on your shelf then you have some of those books that you keep right right next to your right handy on your desk this is one of those books rimming i’ll keep it on like this right next to me I go to every day I do a lot of marking in this book just because of shit there’s so much commentary that is spectacular in here that really really speaks to me so as you see right we’ve got this let’s hear all marked up and I just want to give you an example here towards word word we’re in first Peter 5 where he’s talking about not worrying 57 you know Jesus cares for you and the place all your anxieties on him just a little bit of meaningful commentary here that they they give you know I had to highlight mark and it is stuck with me every day I remember this every day and it says worry is unnecessary there is no need for us to bear the burdens when he is willing and able to bear them for us where are we is futile it has it hasn’t solved the problem yet worry is sent a preacher once said worry is sin because it denies the wisdom of God it says if he does no what he’s doing it denies the love of God it says he does not care and it denies the power of God it says that he is unable to deliver me from whatever is causing me to worry something to think about and it really is something to think about I read that I was blown away by that I mean it just really spoke to me not many commentary books forget all of you like that maybe it’s just me but like I said that when no one really really spoke to me and I remembered that in my daily walk but I owe so much deep meaningful meaningful commentary they also something else I really like to do they quote meaning many many Christian leaders throughout history and theologians and like my CS Lewis you like CS Lewis charles spurgeon just to name a couple of many many people they quote in here so you know if CS lewis was quoted talking about a prescription of particular bible verse of scripture they actually quote they will quote him in here it is beyond sway there’s a lot of people are quoting in here I’ve never even heard of it but I mean whoever whoever saying it they’re right on with the scripture I mean I I’ve not come across very many very many verses in here commentary verses that I didn’t agree with and actually it is it is this book has just been a blessing to me it’s really helped me learn a lot um you’d like I said you’re not going to find much outside of commentary this they got some maps here in the back but they’re just just kind of black and white mount something you’re going to get excited about they do have a few pictures what’s black and white not much not much to really look at their the meeting potatoes like I said it’s all in the book itself which is in the commentary the commentary in this book is second to none like I said I keep this I keep just one out I use this in my daily study highly highly recommended and even the binding I was really worried about this book is it’s so large I was wondering how the binding what hold up but they actually did very well with getting the binding to actually spend with this book is just a large book but you can see the binding pens with it drink with it I lean and lays flat without fins with it I was very impressed with that that was a really concern when I first guy to the binding wasn’t going to last but very impressed with it I’m the only the plane about it it is designed but obviously it’s it’s well worth the size with all the information that they got in here good stuff no look I take this anywhere with me you know this is from my home office I leave this on my desk it’s just too large to be carrying around my mom actually brings it the Bible study sometime she has one she had exactly in copy she’ll bring at the bible study sometimes and you know it’s like he’s walking in my house with a boat anchor so it’s kind of funny I believe mine on my desk but there it does none of there’s a second edition out but the cover looks more colorful and more catchy it’ll grab you and it even looks like it might be a little bit better made this cover this seems really cheap really cheap and very dull but like I said this is this is not a book of judging by its cover one of my favorite books all time thanks for watching