One World Government Is Already Showing

The One World Government Is Imminent

The One World Government is a sign of the end of times. It’s something we hear a lot of concern over. The signs are already showing themselves. The One World Government is imminent, and you can see them everywhere if you just learn where to look! It’s our job as Christians to show resilience and stand up for God during these trying times We must keep these forces at bay as we continue to promote His word.

A few signs of the forthcoming One World Government that you can see in our everyday lives are:

  • Big Brother is growing – As Big Brother grows, we lose much of our freedom. When our freedom is lost, so is our spirit, and we’re easier to conquer and control by the introduction of a one world power. The TSA, the Department of Homeland Security, and the rumors of FEMA camps being built around the country show the preparations of what the ultimate big government wishes to continue.
  • Increased taxes – Our country is trillions of dollars in debt, and raising taxes over and over again is causing the public to have to pay for these debts until they go broke. When money is lost, jobs become rare, and a population dependent on government assistance is a population that is easy to control.
  • Decreased religion – Particularly with Christianity, exercising your religion as you wish to exercise it is becoming rarer and rarer. Christianity must be meshed in with other religions and watered down, creating the beginning of the One World Religion to go along with the One World Government. You can see this in black and white terms, look at those advocating to side against Israel, ruin the sanctity of marriage, and promote abortion – all things watering down our Christian faith.
  • Economic collapse – Just like with increased taxes over here in the United States, economic hardship creates the perfect scenario for the One World Government. We’re not the only ones in dire economic straits, and countries around the world like Greece, Portugal, and much of South America are also facing strife. With countries falling economically left and right, the perfect stage is set for the One World Government, with the antichrist at its head.
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    one world order

How can we fight the One World Government? It’s our job to continue to spread His word, and to live what the Bible tells us is a Godly life. In Revelation 17:13 the Bible states, “These are of one mind, and they hand over their power and authority to the beast.” We cannot hand over our power to the beast!

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