5 Tips For Hosting A Fun Group Bible Study Night

Studying the Bible is Awesome By Itself- Group Bible Study is Much More!

Group Bible study has so many benefits! First and foremost, you’re there to encourage each other, and it provides accountability to stay on track. Also, with different perspectives and learning styles present, you’re able to get a more enriching experience by sharing your ideas with one another, and seeing God’s word from a multitude of perspectives. Lastly, group Bible study is just plain fun, as you can laugh, learn, and grow together all while receiving God’s message.

So, is it your turn to host group Bible study night? Well, we have some ideas to make your hosting an awesome success! 5 tips for hosting a fun group bible study night are:

  1. Have a potluck – For dinner before your Bible study commences, have each person bring their favorite small dish and spend some time enjoying one another’s fellowship over God’s blessing of food. You can try new things and maybe even get a few new favorite recipes!
  2. Turn it into a game night – Bible trivia is a great way to learn God’s word, but as a group, this presents a really fun opportunity for an educational and memorable evening. Go solo or break into small teams, and see who remembers their passages and stories the best!
  3. Give each person a chance to teach – Allow everyone in your group a chance to stand up and share their favorite passages. The whole group can then communicate and share together how they feel about the passages and their own interpretations.
  4. Make little goodie bags – Little goodie bags to take home with an uplifting message in each one along with a few cookies or snacks can leave a lasting impression of your Bible study group hosting session. Additionally, you’ll feel great about sending everyone home with a little bit of thanks and God’s word.
  5. Vent it out – Encourage your study group to vent out their work, money, or life frustrations, and as a group find passages to uplift them in their journey down God’s path. You’ll all leave your experience feeling so much lighter and filled with God’s love!