5 Fun Ways To Get Kids To Study The Bible

God’s Word – Fun Ways To Get Kids To Study The Bible

Bible study is important for people of all ages, but getting kids to not only study the Bible, but retain the information and learn the lessons it teaches can be tough. We want to help to make Bible study easier and more fun for kids, so learning about God and His word is something they come to look forward to in their lives now and as the years go by. 5 fun ways to get kids to study the Bible are:

  1. Do crafts – Incorporating crafts into Bible study not only gets kids excited about studying His word, but helps them to retain the information better at the same time. As their little fingers are working hard, they’ll be thinking of the lessons and the messages they’ve learned while they put their effort into their own masterpiece.
  2. Make a game out of it – Trivia games with little rewards can make fun ways to get kids to study the Bible, and with a group of children, it can even provide a little healthy competition. Children will work hard to help each other and show their own Bible knowledge chops as they work to show what they know.
  3. Make it a group activity – When children learn with their peers, they have a better time, just like how when adults work with, study with, or exercise with groups they’re known to have a better time. Making Bible study a group activity can help children to encourage one another while motivating each other to learn.
  4. Set up a play – With groups of children, or just you and your child, work to act out stories of the Bible and get them up and moving as they have fun learning about God’s word! Not only does this take care of excess energy, but it helps them to live out the messages as they make a greater impact. Let them teach you –
  5. Allow your kids to take the floor and teach you some of their favorite passages or stories from the Bible, and see how much fun they have as they get their own teaching time.
    You never know, you may learn something from them as well!     
    Fun Ways To Get Kids To Study The Bible
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