5 Bible Study Crafts For Kids

Bible Study Crafts For Kids Help Them Learn God’s Word

Crafts can really make bible study a fun and looked forward to activity for kids. It allows them to use their hands and delve deeper into God’s word through enticing their creativity, so the messages they’re working with really stick as they’re working and as they look at their own little handmade reminder. The 5 bible study crafts for kids we love are:1.Star ornament – A delightful craft to use during the Christmas season, the star ornament is a simple way for children of all ages to have a little fun with their favorite bible passages. Not just for Christmas, the star ornament can be hung around the home or in your child’s bedroom all year round. Simply take construction paper, cut it out into the shape of a star, and decorate it with different decorations and a favorite bible passage. Punch a hole in the top of the star, and tie with ribbon to create a hanger! Here’s a list of 26 STAR ORNAMENTS FOR KIDS AND MOMS TO MAKE.

Bible study crafts for kids
Bible study crafts for kids

2. Valentine’s Day Card to God – Another seasonal craft that we love is writing a Valentine’s Day card to God. This is another project that works for children of all ages, and they can show their love for God in the card using their favorite pieces of His word.

3.Bible pillow – Depending on the child’s age, you may use a plain white pillowcase or fabric that the child can sew into a pillowcase themselves while doing the Bible pillow activity. Using permanent markers of all types of bright colors, have the child draw their favorite biblical scenes on one side of the pillow, and decorate the other with a favorite bible passage, and have them take the pillow with them while they say their bedtime prayers! Here is a no sew pillow craft for kids!

Bible study crafts for kids
No sew pillow for kids

4.miracles – Using a handmade or store bought journal, take time each day to encourage children to write or draw the miracles of God they encounter every day.

5.Prayer flowers – In this craft, your child will create paper flowers, and write down their prayers to God on each one. They can continue to add to their flowerpot each time a new prayer comes to mind, and they can go back and review their prayer flowers after periods of time to see how God’s power has worked to answer them.

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