3 Bible Study Methods For Couples

Bible Time Become A Beautiful Way To Connect

Studying the Bible can really help you to strengthen your marriage as you simultaneously strengthen your relationship with God. When studying the Bible with your spouse, what method do you use? If you’re not sure, or you switch between methods and ideas not sure which is best, we’re here to help! With these Bible study methods for couples, you and your spouse can decide which works best for you. Have your own study method that you love, and incorporate one of these methods  to enrich your experience! Our 3 top bible study methods for couples are:

  • Go at it solo – One really interesting method you can use if you and your spouse are better at introspective Bible study is choosing a particular book of the Bible and reading it alone in your own time. Finish by a certain time you decide together. As you’re reading, take notes on different portions of what you read, cite passages that mean something to you. Go over your notes together to start a conversation about what the book means to you. Trade ideas back and forth, and see how having personal bible time can turn into a really beautiful way to connect.
  • Do it together – Switch off reading passages from a chosen book, and take time when each person is finished reading to discuss what you’ve just read together. Ask each other what passages really jumped out to you, and how you will bring these ideas into your life and your marriage.
  • Use a white board or a “Bible board” – Whether you’re going at your study primarily introspectively or together, using a white board somewhere in your home to jot down passages in a chosen book and share ideas as they come to you can really help you to understand the books and what they mean to both of you in the moment.

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