2018 Report From Heaven! All Christians Must Watch!! ᴴᴰ

[UltraVid id=30 ]first of all I want to declare that I hope you know that we are in a war I said there is a great war going on between what it has always been the devil and of course the Lord Jesus Christ and the devil has broken out with everything he has on the Church of Christ there is nothing that he has not used against the Church of Jesus Christ everything he has is throwing at us if you’ve been hit by something strange recently don’t think yourself strange because he has been hitting everybody and the loads have been heavy for everybody N and when when when you had a warfare and when you’ve been hit from every side but sometimes you think about am i winning and I wanted to bring word tonight of encouragement to those of us who in the trenches and who are fighting for the Lord that we are winning his prize one the Baffler old town I said it won the battle on Calvary so the overall war is over we won we went in because we can put forth evidence that those who believe the gospel and accept Jesus Christ are showing forth evidence that have been changed couples are getting back together change them are going back home and apologizing to mom and dad drug addicts are throwing down that road gang leaders are giving up their weapons and become insane hop to becoming Spain don’t Maddox at the coming say we are winner er mammals are wiping back tears because their sin dollars coming back to Jesus Christ and bringing that children the price wet on Sunday School teachers preach all creatures were call witnesses old soul winners we are winning Christian schools abroad our Christian colleges are growing I was just back in Washington the other day and the Attorney General invited me to his prayer meeting in his office and their symbol around is dest about 18 of us and we’re at the scripture and we pray in the name of Jesus and in Washington today they have a prayer group in the in the Congress they have a plaid group in the Senate the Attorney General has a proud new the janitors have a prayer do the secretaries have a brand roof we are winning now you can always tell when we’re winning they start raising hail