2 minute video: Why We Don’t Have Original Manuscripts Of The Bible

so if the Bible is God’s Word if he really did inspire the authors to ride it then why don’t we have the original manuscripts why don’t we have the original letters that Paul and Luke and John wrote well that question has two answers a short one and a long one the short one is this it’s a great grace of God that we don’t have the original manuscripts because we would worship them humans are at our very core idolaters it’s one of our deepest and and most basic sins and it can take this much time for a normal rational person to bow down before the hip bone of a saint it’s craziness what a great grace of God it is that he wants his church to gather and talk about what His Word says not to cry and try and touch and be near a scroll and a long answer is we really don’t need them when you look at the first 300 years of the church and you look at the letters of the Church Fathers they quote huge chunks of the New Testament and they paraphrase the entire New Testament narrative so we know exactly what they believed and what they were reading and there’s two other important things the sheer number of manuscripts that we have of the New Testament complete in fragments about fifty five hundred pieces they’re 99% the same say for some spelling issues and some copy errors we don’t have some copies of the New Testament to say that Jesus is God and other copies of the New Testament they say that Jesus is just a man that simply is not true and when you look at Homer and Caesar and Plato the number of copies that we have of their works are mostly in the single digits and the last thing the most one of the most important is the amount of time between the originals and the copies with the New Testament fifty to a hundred years in many cases Homer Caesar Plato sometimes there was a thousand-year gap between when we know they were written and and the oldest copies that we’ve currently found so know that you could trust the New Testament you can God’s Word and when he says about Christ and what he’s done for you if you liked this video comment so that I can make more like it

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