Fun Bible Study -10 Awesome Tips

Never Get Bored With The Bible – Fun Bible Study

Studying the Bible is such an enriching experience. It should be one that people of all ages look forward to as they’re inspired with God’s word. We want to provide some fun bible study ideas to make studying the Bible exciting. Here are 10 awesome and fun ways to study the Bible:

  1. Share it – Group activities are fun, group exercise is fun, group learning is fun, and you can partake in the activity of exercising your learning of the Bible in a group to make it a really fun and enriching experience. Get together with friends and share passages together, inspire each other, and lean on each other for help and support in learning God’s word further and further.
  2. Journal it- Journaling is a great way to become one with your thoughts and grow through introspection. After you’re finished studying the Bible, write how you feel and the impact it has made on you in a Bible study journal, and go back to revisit different entries to see how the Bible is helping you to grow in a beautiful way.
  3. Work on a story a day – The Bible is full of thoughtful, exciting, and enriching stories, so why not use one-a-day to really have fun with your experience? You won’t overload yourself or overcomplicate your study, and you’ll be giving yourself something to think about during that day, and look forward to the next.
  4. Tie in current events – After you read a passage or a story, think about current events in the world and how they relate to what you’ve read. This can really send the message home, and help you to better understand the goings on in the world, as well as what God tells us about them. To make this even better, write down these relations in your Bible study journal!
  5. Make a Fun Bible study game – Using Powerpoint slides or flashcards, create a Bible study game to play with your Bible study group after your reading, or with friends while you’re just hanging out enjoying each other’s fellowship. Give out little toys or snacks as prizes, and make yourself a game night of it!
  6. Take turns teaching – Take turns reading, teaching, and explaining, and enjoy the different perspectives and understandings that your study group can bring to the table.
  7. Act it out – While reading stories in the bible, act out what you’re reading sort of like you’re creating your own mini-play. To really amp it up, read a story one day, and put together a real play to act out together the next!
  8. Draw it – Using a dry erase board that can be erased and wiped clean, take turns drawing out different scenes or messages in your own way. Turning Bible study into a creative experience really helps the message stick.
  9. Decorate – Decorating your Bible study area to represent a particular story or current passage you’re reading is a great way to really get into the setting of the message. If you decorate as a group, the decoration process can also be really fun!
  10. Incorporate a craft – Doing a craft to coincide with what you’re reading can also be a really creative way to further understand and think about what the Bible is teaching you.